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Part Time Program

  1. Part Time Program

Part Time Program


Part time program players that trial and are accepted train with the full time squads, the amount of sessions they participate in is up to the athlete & parents.

This gives great flexibility as we understand you may have other training commitments.

The full time program session looks like :

  • Monday Morning : Recovery / Stretching/ Reflex Session
  • Monday Afternoon’s : Technical Session
  • Tuesday Morning : Gym session
  • Tuesday Afternoon : Technical Session
  • Wednesday Afternoon : Individual deficit sessions
  • Thursday Morning : Gym Session
  • Thursday Afternoon : Technical Session
  • Friday Morning : Tactical video analysis session
  • Friday Afternoon : Tactical Session

Part Time Program Prices are based on the amount of sessions you attend, our AYFI staff will craft your program based on your budget and current training schedule. For more information register your interest or contact our office

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