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England Tour

  1. England Tour

England Tour

The Australian Youth Football Institute has been taking players to the United Kingdom for over 11 years. The UK has much to offer every young aspiring player from living like a professional, training like a professional and learning from the best in the business. The English are born and bred in football expertise, all age groups are involved and show extreme passion for the sport they love. On our tour we are exposed to the constant reminders that the media plays such a huge part in a footballers career from every angle; newspapers, television and radio.

Over the last 11 years we at the AYFI have shown our Australian footballers the real Mackoy and have taken them to the real elite academies run by the worlds most elite footballing coaches and managers. The UK speaks for itself in regards to holding the worlds biggest football clubs, we are fortunate enough to be exposed to multiple playing opportunities, an extensive internal football tour of the behind the scenes of the academies and watching live football matches. These clubs have decades of experience with Youth development and in most cases our players come back home looking to better themselves and are inspired to train for longer periods of time to hopefully help bridge that gap between Australian football and the rest of the world.

  • Day 1 Depart Australia (Sydney)
  • Day 2 Arrive in England (Manchester)
  • Day 3 Friendly Match
  • Day 4 Training, Watch Live Match
  • Day 5 Training, Watch Live Match
  • Day 6 Anfield Stadium Tour, Friendly Match
  • Day 7 Friendly Match
  • Day 8  Friendly Match
  • Day 9  Old Trafford Tour
  • Day 10 Friendly Match, Depart for London
  • Day 11 Friendly Match
  • Day 12 Sight Seeing London
  • Day 13 Friendly Match
  • Day 14 Free Day In London
  • Day 15 Depart for Australia (Sydney)

The Australian Youth Football Institute has a renowned reputation in providing our footballers with an immense amount of opportunity whilst abroad.

We have over 11 years experience in International touring, we have successfully developed a number of professionals through our range of Footballing programs and we have the best support and coaching staff to enhance our expertise.

Your footballing career doesn't begin until you do.

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