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China Tour

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China Tour

Gothia Cup is the world’s largest and most international youth football tournament. Each year, around 1600 teams from 80 nations take part and play 4500 games on 110 fields.

Its the diverse teams and participants from around the world that make the tournament unique. A meeting place for the world’s youth, irrespective of religion, skin colour or nationality, with football as the common interest.

Gothia Cup is proud to bring its 40 years’ expertise, know-how and brand in the tournament to China, to share the joy of football with a greater range of people.

Gothia Cup was first held in 1975. With over a million players from a total of 143 countries have participated in the tournament. In 2007, FIFA named it the “World Youth Cup”.

  • Day 1 Depart Australia
  • Day 2 Arrive in Qingdao
  • Day 3 Training Day, Rest and Recover
  • Day 4  Practice Game in Qingdao
  • Day 5 Opening Ceremony! (35,000+ People In Attendance)
  • Day 6 Group Games Gothia Cup Football Tournament
  • Day 7 Knock-out Phase Gothia Cup Football Tournament
  • Day 8 Gothia Cup Grand Finals and Presentations
  • Day 9 Depart Qingdao for Beijing
  • Day 10 Arrive in Beijing, Rest and Recover
  • Day 11 Sightseeing Forbidden City
  • Day 12 Visit the Great Wall and Friendly Game
  • Day 13 Depart Beijing for Australia

The Australian Youth Football Institute has a renowned reputation in providing our footballers with an immense amount of opportunity whilst abroad.

We have over 11 years experience in International touring, we have successfully developed a number of professionals through our range of Footballing programs and we have the best support and coaching staff to enhance our expertise.

Your footballing career doesn't begin until you do.

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